Tuesday, April 21, 2015

something new

I've been inspired lately to work with beads again, something i used to do a lot more of, and have always found relaxing...

I'm making little beaded fairy dolls and i am selling some in my shop if anyone wants to take a look and give one of them a nice home :)

back soon with some more journaling pages...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm still here...

boy i don't like it when i let so much time go by without blogging, but it turned out to be a very difficult month for me, first it was so great, getting to go to the pam garrison journaling retreat for three days, we just created all day and had delicious food prepared by donna downeys mom.
but then once it was all over i felt exhausted and sad but i couldn't sleep or eat for days and after a few days i knew i needed help because then it just gets worse, i have had this happen a few other times in my life and it is so so difficult to go through, so know i am just starting to feel like myself again and i have been journaling on the pages that i made in pams class.  She has a fun way of playing in the journal, she does some background pages randomly throughout the book and just paints or doodles, or collage or draw just randomly on any page she feels like, so i've been having fun doing it that way. Pam and Donna are both just so amazing and fun. what an experience it was.

Here is pam talking about what inspired her to begin creating in the first place

 here she is doing one of the many demonstrations while we watch intently

and here we had a bonus watching donna downey doing a gelli plate demonstration

Here are a few pages from pams journals she brought 4 of them and i can't believe i didn't take more photos, i think  i must have just been a little overwhemed...

and here is the cover of the journal we made in class we all doodled with calligraphy ink on brown paper and then colored in with craft acrylics

and now various pages that i have been doing, some finished, some unfinshed, just loosing myself and finding myself in the process as one of the quotes that i wrote on one of these pages says and just trying to relax and have fun