Thursday, June 25, 2015

what i liked doing as a kid...

summer always makes me think of childhood favorites what i liked to do and how to incorporate those things now if i can. so my list that i was able to come up with was cutting and pasting pictures, i always loved making collage boards, so i decided to gather some favorite images and some cardboard and created the one below....

another thing i loved was daybook organizers and papers even at a young age when i didn't really need one so i am going to use this one to organize some lists and ideas, i like the grounding and calming color of brown, so i'm really happy with this one.
   some pretty pink additions and hopefully i can stick with using this one, i seem to always be switching ideas

I also loved doodling so i'm incorporating more of that , i loved swimming so i need to make time to go to the pool this summer, i really love it. and rollerskating, i'm not really sure how i could incorporate that one, unless i get up the nerve to try rollerblades. and one more thing is candy i just love candy and i think i will indulge a little this summer
It was fun seeing what i still do now that i loved as a little girl especially collaging and doodling which i get to do in my art journals only now there are so many fun supplies to work with.

Maybe this will help you think of what you have always loved :)