Thursday, May 19, 2016

new collaged journals

Hello, today i am posting three blank journals that i have been working on they are 5x7 and have 20 blank pages in them perfect for a collection of quotes or photos or a special trip or some journal prompts too. i am really liking this size and hope you will to. So i have three today in my shop.

                                                                  this one here   sold

                                                                     this one here  sold

                                                                  this one here  sold
Thanks so much:)

Monday, May 2, 2016

an old art journal for sale...

i've been looking through my journals and trying to make more room and i realized that i am attached to a few of my journals but there are others that even though i love them, i'm not as attached, and i thought that they could go to someone else who may like to have one.
So this one was featured in an issue of Art Jounaling magazine and you may also recognize it from when i posted pics on my blog, and it is for sale here.
There are 28 pages and its all on watercolor paper sewn into and old book...