Tuesday, February 14, 2017

new painted birdhouses

i've just listed some new birdhouses in my etsy shop  painting birdhouses is one of my first creative things that i did about 18 years ago and it is fun to be back at it, i just love making them look all cottagy and covered in roses.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

new sketchbook pages...

this first sketch is a pretty book i found at the library with all kinds of recipes and ideas for a simple cozy life and i did a drawing of the yummy looking cassoulet

i've lately been going through some old magazines and finding things to draw and i came across this article of the inspiration cards i sent to somerset life, which was a fun project and i was so excited to be in the magazine
and then one of my favorite books the painted garden and a pretty flower i think it is supposed to be a camellia but it turned out looking more like a rose.

hope to stick with sketching for awhile , i tend to start and stop projects a lot but i wish i could make the sketchbook a regular habit.

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and maybe doing something creative...