Saturday, May 30, 2015

how i create a page....

a few people have asked about my process so i wanted to take photos and talk about favorite products and processes.

first i gather together my images, for this page i picked an image from Vintage Garden magazine, a bird from a sabrina ward harrison card and a piece of embossed pink paper.

I lay out the pieces in a way i like and glue them down with elmers or lately i'm using Coccoina glue that smells like almonds. I use a gift card to smooth down the pages.
  in a used rose book i decided to add a simple rose...

then  i start adding washi tape and other little bits. i used a piece of turquoise washi tape and then stamped the date onto it.

i cut out a sentence of inspiring words from a self care book

then one of my favorite steps, these stencils from martha stewart that can be found here on amazon. they are really good stencils that stick and peel. I think that make the page pop.

 then in my tool basket are pens and markers and i will write over images and add doodled words and then i see if there are any last minute things to add, then its finished.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

new art journal...

I have been too tired lately to make my own bound books so i had a new idea of just using a thin molskine. The paper is thin and it gets a little wrinkly, but i don't mind that. I am trying to do one page a day which is also different for me, i use to collage a few pages at once and then go back and add other parts when i felt like it.

But know it feels like a ritual and i like the feeling of finishing a page. I strive for everyday, but i probably end up with 4 or 5 days which is still good for me. I don't put too much thought ahead of time, i just start and its been a lot of fun, so here are a few of my first ones and i will probably be sharing here more often as a result of getting more pages finished.

a couple of up close shots...