Monday, January 28, 2013

Making Journals and Sketching

A few handmade journals using old books (I cut out the old pages and add in either watercolor paper or basic sketchbook paper with a basic binding technique) and cover with paper and images. I became addicted to the process and made quite a few at once. I use them for art journals or for keeping notes.

A couple of more recent sketchbook pages too....

 These are some drawings of a couple more of the covered books: one for memory keeping and the other is a one line a day journal.


  1. Dear Jenni - these are lovely journals. I especially love the one on the right with the flower petals. It is so kind of you to share these special pages as well. You inspire me to get busy and make one of these for myself- have a great day creating.

  2. Oh WOW Jenni, your journals are so cool. Just love the whimsical feel to them. Wish we lived closer. I would love to learn from you how to journal.
    Love you! Your Aunt Cathy :0)

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I do too, we could do so much art and crafting :)
      (Hope your new puppy is doing well, he's so cute!)
      Love you too,

  3. Love your journals. I really want to make a watercolor journal, maybe I'll start one sooner or later. The fact is I already make art all day long for my job, and sometimes I just need to relax with a messy page or simple writing, without having to think too much about the layout, etc. That's why my art journal is mixed media!! But never say never... :)