Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Journal page

On this journal page I clipped words from a page in a magazine, a list of delights:
  • keeping a journal
  • along the garden path
  • stay cozy: we have soup, flowers,books and more
  • shops
  • Victoria magazine
  • Maine
I love finding words in books and magazines to add to my journal pages, sometimes they're better at describing how I feel than writing my own words, but I like to include both.


  1. Hi Jenni..I only have the Victoria magazines I saved from the 80's and 90's..not every issue not every yr...and one recent one about France..
    But you have no idea how many words I cut out from those magazines..and now find the cut out pages as I sometimes leaf through:)
    I used to enjoy.. quietly making collage trays for friends..a bit of a journal of of our lives as friends..and magazine words.. all pressed and Mod Podged on a tray..well..those words..worked their magic:)
    So I totally understand this!

    1. Hi Monique, I loved hearing that you made art out of found words too, especially from Victoria magazine which is my favorite. What a wonderful idea for gifts.

  2. Jenni - what great ideas you have for your lovely journal. Victoria Magazine is one of my favorites too. Thanks for stopping by to visit me...how fast summer has gone. Hope you have a lovely day. PS - you would enjoy the zentangles. They are very relaxing.