Friday, October 17, 2014

some new sketchbook pages...

Some recent drawings and i have felt like adding more journaling to my pages which is fun, i like drawing objects and the books i've been reading. it's all such a calming process.


  1. I am so IMPRESSED! Look at Paris letters:)

    Wait..first..Happy belated Birthday.Isn't it great to have a mom?:)
    Dick Blick:) Flowers..
    Which Annabelles died?
    Are you sure?
    The shoes are the chairs/ the Anthro..and the other..both..

    Shipping from Asia is so reasonable..many times free.
    I even ordered prescription glasses at fine..very
    Love this post Jenni..You're good! Very good!

  2. Jenni, you have such a soft delicate touch to your art journaling. It is so pretty and oozes with your sweet personality. Love seeing what you post. Too bad we live so far apart. Love you. Your Aunt. :0)

  3. Oh my Jenni - your pages are wonderful. Happy belated birthday my dear friend. Sorry you received bad news though. Your mom's cake sounds fabulous...wish I would have known - would have stopped what I was doing to stop by and have a piece. Your journal pages just get more exquisite - so beautiful. Hope you have a great week.