Wednesday, December 17, 2014

little bits of holiday cheer...

some paperwhite bulbs by the window

some ornaments on the tinsel tree
the beginning of a holiday page in my daybook

candy wrapper

peppermint cupcakes that my mom made

and some sweet treats from my favorite bakery, cafe.

tonight i plan on making some pecan cookies.
I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday :)


  1. I love your tinsel tree:)And the paperwhites..I spy a bird:)Must be lovely w/ the white mini lights in the window..
    I love mini lights.

    Peace is so cool!
    You are definitely an artist.
    I see one stocking is filled already:)
    Sweet sweet post.
    Warm wishes to you:)

    1. M. and I and you should chat here on your blog! Looks like a very comfortable place for us to do so :)

  2. I so, so love to see glimpses of your life! You and I are similar in so many ways! The bulbs in mugs and toureens, the african violet, the scrap journals, kraft paper and red and white adhesive tag, ornaments and feather tree, clips on a pretty plate and displayed :)
    So happy our paths crossed (... hopw many years ago, now??).
    Sending hugs!

  3. Oh Jenni - everything looks so beautiful and inviting. Those pecan cookies sound like they will be delicious. I hope you enjoy every moment of this blessed season. Hugs

  4. I love coming to visit Monica:)I will absolutely join you:)

  5. So sweet. Yummy cupcakes (now I think I'll have to make some today, seriously). Your peace light is awesome!

  6. Love your daybook! And your bottlebrush star ornament. I've not seen anything quite like it. Everything looks lovely at your place!

  7. Great Day Book Story..Nice to See these flowers in real flower shops.