Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a new nature sketchbook

a new size and shape of a sketchbook, i can't wait until it's a little warmer again and i can take it outside with me....

I also wanted to mention something a little personal, its a stressful time now and its been six months of family loss, my grandparents and my uncle and difficult issues surrounding these family members and its all culminating into a lot of stress right now and i wanted to ask if you could send positive thoughts, it would be very much appreciated \, Thank You :)


  1. Sending you positive thoughts..xxx
    This is so therapeutic to journal.
    And to walk parks and go for a treat at McD's..
    Your pink calligraphy is so beautiful as well as your art.
    We received a beautiful little note from one of our grandsons just now..
    It must be sad to lose a grandparent.I never had one..but offer you my sympaties for your 3 losses.
    Some years ..I tell you..
    My mom and dad within 6 months of each other:( My dad the night I married.. then 2 uncles..
    a cousin's husband..It was a very sad time Jenni.
    But we are stronger than we ever think we can be.
    I know you are.x

    PS your shadows are so good.I ruin all my little paintings when I try and add the shadows under the objects.

  2. Oh Jenni this is so lovely! Your art is so beautiful and fun :) Sending some rainbows and sunshine your way, winter can be such a hard time of year, blessings for spring and the return of light!

    Madlyn xox

  3. Jenni, your art is beautiful, the pink lettering exquisite. I pray for peace of mind for you & the ability to let go of the stress. Gill

  4. Jenni - I just adore seeing your nature sketches as well as your lovely decorated journal pages. They speak spring to me and are very joyful. I am so glad you shared them. Hugs

  5. Jenni, I'm so sorry you've been going through a difficult time. I hope it is better soon. I am sending you hugs, peace and serenity.