Saturday, August 22, 2015

i was published in a chinese magazine...

I am so excited about being contacted from a really beautiful and unique chinese magazine, they asked a variety of art journalers and sketchbook artists to be a part of this issue and i was so excited to look through it when it finally arrived in my mail box, i tried finding any links or website for them and all i could find is a facebook page, but it would be fun to see past issues.
So here are my pages...


  1. Don't your pages look fantastic?
    You must be so excited and proud!
    Beauty of a magazine..
    Congratulations Jenni..well deserved!

  2. Oh Jenni - your pages are lovely friend. What a great achievement. So happy for you - your lovely art certainly deserves this special recognition. Isn't it amazing with the internet how much smaller our world becomes and what opportunities abound just not here in the USA but in other countries as well. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope you have a really super week! Hugs

  3. Hey Jenni - my copy of the magazine arrived and as soon as paged through to your section I just had to find your blog, I think it is awesome that your work was published internationally, that is simply awesome. I heard about this issue via Mary Ann Moss and I see you are in Sketchbookery. I just adore Mary Ann. Anyhoo, big congrats. And they do have a website where you can order back issues of the magazine. it is how I ordered my issue and I was pleased with how quick the issue came all the way from overseas. The website has to be translated and you have to make sure you click on English in the side bar so that the pages for ordering come up in English. It will translate the first page but then you have to make sure the other pages come up in English in the side bar that is on the site. It's default is Chinese. It's a persnickety site and it took me awhile to figure it out but once I did, I had no problem ordering. You'll know if all the pages have translated when it opens the order page, if you see the price in US dollars you are in, if it comes up in yen, then go back to the main page and you'll see the clickable link that changes it to English. HOpe that helps, maybe gave you more info than you needed. Love your work and I'll come back for a visit soon.

  4. Oh my gosh! That's amazing! I'm very excited for you but not at all surprised as your art is so inspiring!