Friday, May 25, 2012

Take time for simple joys

My desk with watercolors,sketchbooks,and favorite mug for tea

                Some of the books I'm going to start reading. Some for the second or third time.

Sometimes I go through times (usually in the summer when it's hot) where I need to simplify. I start feeling overwhelmed by the projects I want to do and too many things I'm trying up with. I can feel that happening now,so I think I will focus on just a few of the simple things I really love, like drawing and painting in sketchbooks, reading novels and armchair travel instead of lots of self-help books ,drink large cups of tea and walk in nature to relax, plus water and take care of the flowers on the patio. I also want to listen to more music and keep up on my pinterest boards which I love for inspiration. Hopefully this will help keep me in balance and then soon I can do more projects and art journaling. FOR NOW SIMPLICITY IS WHAT I WANT.

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