Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun things to do this summer

This is a photo of my afternoon doing watercolor sketching on the patio. The weather has been so nice for it, but I don't think it will last so I'm glad I took advantage of the good weather.

                                                        FUN SUMMER IDEAS
I found some great ideas for this summer on different blogs like Wish Studio's The Great Summer Blog Read '12 which I think is a really great idea because when I'm looking at blogs I rush through and only look at the photos always wishing that I would just slow down and take the time to read what people are taking the time to write about on their blogs.
Another fun thing is The Postcard Project-love notes from the blog giggling in the rain.
On ihanna's blog she had a post about creating a Summer Manifesto in her art journal of the things she wants to do this summer which I think sounds like a fun idea.

I'm also going to do a lot of reading so I signed up for the summer reading program at my local library.
So I have definitely found some fun things to keep me busy this summer and I hope these links have given some inspiration to you to.


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