Friday, June 29, 2012

Nature Walk

Pansies that are still blooming in this heatwave...

For this weeks nature walk and sketching I picked a few flowers from the patio garden and my mon and I also went walking in a nearby college town they have a really pretty school campus and it's fun to go walk there in the summer. There are a lot of tree's so it stays a little cooler there.

My mixed media sketchbook page this week. I used watercolor, colored pencils, and some oil pastels for the background.

 This is a picture of a front walkway with roses and snapdragons and a brick path.

This is an area of the college grounds, a cute little nook with benches and a chalkboard surrounded by trees and hedges. So I took some chalk and did a few doodles which was really fun.

A really lovely afternoon before the big heatwave this weekend.


  1. Hi! The chalk drawings are cute. I hope someone else got to enjoy them too.

  2. Cool!! I love your sketchbook. So pretty. That chalkboard outdoors is awesome! Thanks for linking up. =)

  3. I love your nature lovely. And an outdoor chalkboard what a great fun idea! I want one of these in my back yard :) I love that you stopped to doodle :)