Monday, July 2, 2012

Journal projects in progress

These are a few of my journals in progress. The one altered book I cut into a square shape and I'm using it to follow along on with Kelly Kilmer's Online Journal Class. The other one in the picture below that are some rectangles of watercolor paper that I haven't bound together yet, and I'm using that one to follow along on Inner Excavate. So I have some little 2" pictures that I cropped from larger photos, and thats all I have so far but I also want to try and incorporate poetry because Lix Lameroux  encourages a person to try poetry, and her poetry definately inspires me to try. So I will see what I come up with next for these journals. But I'm having a lot of fun in the process.
 This other journal underneath is my daily journal which is always a work in progress, I write about  my day, add little drawings, and sometimes a photo , plus daily ephemera.

Liz Lamoreux-Inner Excavate Along

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