Monday, July 23, 2012

Sketchbook and Art Journaling

On Sunday I spent the day doing some sketches on the patio, Roses and Zinnias. I had been using the sketchbook at an 8x8" size but I find for me I enjoy working in a smaller sketchbook so I cut it down to a 6x6" size and rebound it. Now I find myself sketching in it more often...

This is the cover with a painted label and a little garland on the bottom with rhinestones.

I did sketches of Roses and Zinnias and wrote in a poem from an old book I have called Nature in Verse. The poem is called O Lark of the Summer Morning..   From the Japanese

I love to lie in the clover,
with the lark like a speck in the sky,
while it's small sweet throat runneth over
with praise it sendeth on high.

O lark of the summer morning,
teach, teach me the song that you sing,
I would learn without lightness or scorning,
to give praise for every good thing.

O lark of the summer morning!
give, give me of praying the key,
and I'll learn without lightness or scorning
as I did at my own mother's knee.

 I also added some journaling to my latest art journal, a weekly to do list and peaceful things to remember like...
Cherish Moments of Solitude
Laugh Often
Make Time To Play
and Open Up To Lifes Magic

from a Melody Beattie book

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