Friday, July 13, 2012

Inner Excavate Along-week 5

This weeks prompt--I look closer
I found a picture of me that I never really liked very much and decided to embrace it instead and use it in a mixed media piece. I sewed bits of fabric onto paper, added embroidered flowers and some words from a book..."When we can't do anything about the world around us, when we can't even seem to do much about ourselves, we can always, always love ourselves"-Melody Beattie

Part of inner excavation is creating an altar, and the altar I've used for about a year is a portable altar that I created out of a box, I collaged it with images that felt peaceful to me and inside I have a candle, some stones and trinkets, creative journaling and inspiration card decks and a box of matches to light the candle.

 "The Whole World Is A Single Flower"

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  1. Jennifer, this is fantastic! I really love how you are embracing your current self, your past self, AND the idealized version of yourself that you hold. Great job!