Wednesday, June 27, 2012


On Wish Studios Blog Read for this week she chose the word REMEMBER and at first I wasn't sure what I would write about and than I decided to look back at some of my older art journals. It's funny how you can spend so much time working on something, finish it , put it on a shelf and than end up forgetting about for awhile and than be happy when you stumble upon that project again and see where you were at during that time in your life. So this was just a perfect reason to look back through some of those journals. This first journal page was a quote by Someguy I titled it Why Journal and he said "perhaps it would be better to ask 'why jump rope?' or why 'sing in the shower?' Some things in life intuitively bring us joy, and we're drawn to them, often without understanding why. It would be easy to say we journal because it makes us happy or because it's therepeutic, but it's something so much more primal than that. Deep down, at our very core, we're all creative people. And in a world that values profit margins over all else, journaling has become the voice of the individual....a sanctuary of creative expression."
I thought that sums it up very well, and is always a nice thing to REMEMBER.


  1. so sweet...i especially love the "Take a fearless Journey" spread! the message that some things just bring us joy intuitively is such a powerful one. thanks for this remembering ;)

  2. I love the colors you use in your art and journal!