Monday, March 18, 2013

Guest post:tips for inspiration boards

Today I have a very special guest post...Michelle Pino from Skana a beautiful spa in upstate New York would like to share her tips on creating inspiration boards for projects and ideas.

How to Create and Use an Inspiration Board

An inspiration board provides creative inspiration for a multitude of projects. At the beginning of a creative project, many people create this helpful collage from found photos, designs and bric-a-brac to find emerging themes and focus creative energy. Here are some simple steps for creating:

1.         Search and capture images, either digitally or from magazines. Digitally you can grab images from snapshots you capture on your cell phone or online from inspiring blogs. In addition to specialized blogs, Pinterest and Wiki Commons offer great inspiration.
2.         Make a list of what you need. Whether you are redecorating, planning an event or giving your wardrobe a makeover, it’s time to set aside those photos and figure out what you need and what you already have.
3.         Go back to your resources for more photos. This time your search will be a little more focused as you have determined what you need for the project. Now you can fill out your photo collection.
4.         Find an anchor. Look through your collection and note recurring themes. Is there something that ties the entire collection together? A theme might be a texture, a color or color value, a shape or an idea such as inspiration from movies or a particular era from which you have collected items. Choose an image that best represents your theme, and use it as your central image.
5.         Begin making connections. Sort through your photos, and pick the ones you like best. Determine how they fit with your anchor. Take time to order your collage. Let it evolve organically.
6.         Sit with your board. After everything is tacked into place, spend some time with your
creation. Does it feel finished? Place it somewhere that you can look at it frequently, but don’t touch it for a full week.
7.         Make any changes you wish after spending time with your board. Remove things that annoy you. Add things from your collection to finish the board. Sit with the board again. When it feels complete, your board will bring focus as you plan your project.

Many projects will benefit from an inspiration board. Use one to plan a wedding or create a new look for your home. You can even use an inspiration board to help you plan and update your wardrobe. In fact, you can draw focus and inspiration for any creative project with a visual aspect by utilizing this handy tool.

This spring I’m really looking to give my patio and landscape some extra attention, unlike past years.  I’d like to utilize my patio as my getaway, and space to relax.  To me that means lots of flowers and comfy lounging.  There is some great landscaping near where I work.  The Central New York wedding venue hosts several outdoor wedding ceremonies because of the gorgeous work they do.  Sprawling Tulips make for a beautiful landscape.  They are usually the first sign that the spring season has arrived.  Since spring flowers like tulips, have already been planted in the ground, local nurseries usually sell tulips in pots.  This time of year you can also find Easter Lilies and Hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas are very popular in landscape and even in wedding decorations. I used the picture of the potted hydrangeas as my source of inspiration.  Annuals usually aren’t planted until later in May.  Potted flowers are a great way to decorate your outdoor space.  Not only do they give off a nice aroma, but also they can add color to your space.  Lastly, I’ll need a comfy spot to read my books like a nice lounge chair or hammock.

This is my board that I put together in a notebook. I've always gathered pretty images into notebooks but had never thought of using one for a specific project. So I was very excited about this idea and put together my ideas for a patio garden.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your ideas with us!


  1. Jenni - thanks for sharing this with me...great idea...think I will use this idea to create a new flower bed I have been considering in our back field. You have inspired me as well as helped me focus. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I'm so glad this idea has inspired you. It's a great process for planning garden ideas, to see the idea visually and help you to begin a project. Have fun planning your garden!