Saturday, March 9, 2013

little drawings

I used to like to do little miniature drawings but I haven't done it for awhile. So I had this nice leather journal that I haven't ever found a use for and I decided to fill it with little drawings from books, magazines, and my imagination. I found that I really like to draw food and teacups... 


  1. Jenni, love your mini drawings. They are darling. What did you color them with? So glad you found a use for your leather journal. Keep up the wonderful work! Love you, Aunt Cathy.

    1. Hi Cathy, (I'm not sure if I sent this as a reply or if I just hit comment, so you may have already gotten this) :)

      Thank You! I just use a regular ball point pen(it happens to not smear on this paper) and then I use colored pencils, some prismacolors and also regular crayola and rose art pencils.
      I looked at the gelli printing website which looks like a really neat technique, but I haven't tried it yet.
      I love seeing these comments you leave on my blog, thank you.
      I hope everyone is doing good.
      Love you,

  2. Super duper cute, Jenni! I love your journals. I like drawing cups and cakes too!
    I'm glad you liked the idea of those posts inspired by flowers, we'll have fun!
    Happy Spring!

  3. Jenni - the minis are delightful...tea cups are fun drawings as well as flowers and cakes! Makes me think of Easter and spring.

  4. Gosh they are cute..i like painting small also:)