Saturday, December 7, 2013

Art Journaling...

On this most recent page I found some little sentences that I cut out of Victoria Magazine and they felt like little New Year wishes....In praise of creative pursuits, Growing a business, A sharing of Hearts and Hands, At home with nature, An indoor garden, Read with tea, Pen & Paper, Original jewelry, Where Flowers Gather Friends
 These pages are the inspiration of a peaceful art space...
 and here is just a simple to do list and watercolor inspiration, a photo from victoria magazine of an inspirational watercolor artist...
and these last pages are a quote I like, I'm not sure who and a simple little holiday list cut out from magazines, and a pretty cup of tea.


  1. I have enjoyed Victoria for yrs..then there was a long lapse..I have not bought it regularly since they lapsed and I should!

    I used to cut out watercolor work..and quotes..and words..
    they pleased me no end..
    Is that Isabella Rosselini in that photo?

    I loe her..but cannot tell:)

    Happy Holidays Jenni~

    1. I've always loved Victoria mag. and it was so so disappointing when they quit, I was so thrilled when they started again, it is still so good, you should definitely look and see what you think.
      The pictures not Isabella but I see the resemblance, she's an artist they featured one time.
      Happy Holidays to you Monique :)

  2. I love your pages. Always inspiring :)

  3. I love this and it is so inspiring! I especially love the crystals in the flowers! Keep Journaling!

    1. You noticed the crystals :) Thank you so much Kimberly

  4. Your journals are always such a delight to see. Like Monique, I have been a subscriber to Victoria magazine for a long time, and also have a couple of calendars my hubby (back then fiancè!) gave me for Christmas. I never got rid of them, with the intention of cutting the images and text and make a journal with them. Never did that, and I think the calendars are about 15+ years old :=O Maybe in 2014??;)
    Sending hugs and big thank yous for all of your very nice words you alweays leave for me on my blog.