Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Craft-medallion ornaments

I recently googled and found out how to make these after wondering for quite awhile how people were making these. Now I'm addicted to making them, the process is simple and fun and then I love adding the decorations and tinsel to them and making them sparkly.

The directions:
     For the paper I like vintage music and book sheets and scrapbook paper...
1. cut a piece of paper 4 1/4x 6 3/4 inches then fold accordian style about 1/2 in at time lengthwise
2. then fold that in half
3. use hot glue to attach the folds together
4. then hot glue all the pieces together (make 3 or 4 pieces glued together)
   Tip you can also experiment with all different sizes of paper for a different look
    Then use hot glue to add tinsel, paper, stickers and embellishments and have fun decorating
    Attach ribbon to the back with hot glue or tape


  1. Jenni these are wonderful and your directions are so great too...these would make exceptional gifts to give to those who are somewhat a challenge to buy for. Thank you so much for sharing. Great project to do after the holidays when the January weather settles in cold. Have a lovely day.

  2. I love them! I have saved up cards..Thanks so much for the directions..
    A smile before even opening the gift! That's what you will get..and that's a gift too:)

  3. Way cool Jenni! These would be perfect to put a photo in the center as a gift to someone. Your instructions are so easy to follow. This is a must try! :0)