Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More of my daybook

This is everything spread out on the floor, somewhere that I tend to work a lot so that I can really spread out. I needed to make lots of piles. I'm still not completely finished but I wanted to share some of it here...

 It's a light blue binder from Russell and Hazel that I order on Amazon, it's a thin binder, but I like it that way and it holds everything that I really need. This is the front with a postcard that I love and at the top I have a paperclip with ribbon attached to mark the calender page and a little marker for the to do section and a tab that says create your passion. The side tabs are Plan, Somerset (this one I think I will change though) Projects, Self-care and Notes.
 The beginning of the book is a monthly daybook with seasonal ideas and inspiration, I'm still adding to this. This page is some spring inspiration. I will write in some things that I want to do during the months of March and April.

 This is my simple hand drawn calender and the picture on the right is an extra bit that I put in the back of the binder for this years goals.
 This is in the self care section with some pretty pictures and a list of relaxing things to do, I will be adding more to these pages as well.
It's really fun to put together and personalize your own binder. I will still be sharing more when I have some of the pages finished.


  1. Like looking at Victoria Magazine..but in a much more personal way:)

    Love your binders Jenni!

  2. Dear Jenni - this is going to be wonderful to look at friend. I can see from your pictures of flowers that it will be so feminine. It certainly will inspire - I know it would me. Hope you are staying safe and warm. Looks like you might be getting snow too. Whew what a winter!

  3. Dear Jenni,
    thanks so much for all of your wonderful and kind notes! I don't always have the time to reply, but I think of you often, as a kindred spirit (how much I love those Victoria magazines, too! :))). I meant to tell you I have finally found the old Victoria magazine calendar I told you about, and I am determined to make a journal with it. You inspired me!! :) Now I'm seeing if I can buy some old magazines to complement the calendar...
    Monica xo

    1. Thank you Monica! I feel the same way. A Victoria magazine calendar sounds wonderful. You can get a lot of old Victoria mag. on ebay at a good price. If you do end up putting together the journal sometime, I know you have so much going on, its hard to find enough time, I hope we get to see pics of it on your blog :)