Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Art journals past and future...

I have about six art journals that i have made and i thought i would share a few pages from some old ones and three pages that have been collaged but not finished yet. I like to go through my old journals every once in awhile and look for inspiration for my newer journals. I wanted to share it all here...

So first some of the pages from past journals...

and these are unfinished but i like to collage a lot of pages at one time and then go back in later with words and more embellishments...


  1. Gorgeous! I love them! You always make me want to start another one! ;)

  2. My little note must be lost in cyberspace..:)
    I was in bed w/ my Nexus when I first read your post.. and commented..but I guess something go lost in lalaland..
    I had just said that your journals always remind me of Victoria:)
    They're treasures your journals Jenni.

  3. Always an inspiring treat! I swear before this summer is over I WILL dive into my journal.

  4. Jenni - Beautiful describes your journals. The pages are so inspirational...just my favorite images. I am so glad you shared them. Wish I could come sit with you and turn each page. Maybe we could have a good cup of tea or a cold glass of lemonade as we browsed through them. Hope you are enjoying this lovely month of June. Have a delightful week. Hugs!