Sunday, June 22, 2014


here are a couple of current sketchbook pages, some mini rose bouquets and i drew my iced coffee today, my favorite summertime treat, i am addicted...

This is the antique book that i found yesterday that i plan on using for mary ann moss's sketchbookery class i am such a fan of hers she is so much fun so i decided to splurge this summer and take this fun class.


  1. What a great antique book!Going to peek at the link ~:)

  2. Looking good Jenni. Your sketching is wonderfully soft and sweet. Keep up the great work. Have fun with that class. :0)

  3. Jenni - I don't know which page I like the best - the lovely flowers or the iced coffee...what a treat - I just may be stopping by to share one with you. Hope you enjoy your class - sounds just delightful.

  4. So glad you're going to sketch all summer long, Jenni! Hope you'll have much fun!
    Your pages are so full of love.

  5. Jenni, your work is food for the soul. So pretty! Patsy from

  6. Dear Jenni, I found you through Lesley Austin's website and am so pleased to have done so. What beautiful pictures you have here. The gentle loveliness and depth of sweetness is so refreshing.