Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My 'Sketchbookery' class pages...

I'm having so much fun in Mary Ann Moss's sketchbookery class and i wanted to share some of the pages here. I have a really large sketchbook/art journal and a medium sized sketchbook.

This first page is a field guide page i want for a walk to gather some plants to draw and label, i'm not sure if i labeled any of them right though...

This was a page where i tested out some new pens i ordered and a practice alphabet that i copied from one of the really great font/lettering books that Mary Ann mentioned and she probably won't mind if i mention them here.. lettering and alphabets by Albert Cavanagh and circus alphabets by Dan x. Solo. So many ideas in these books.

This was a page inspired by Mary Ann when she created a "splashy page" painting outside of the lines and a lot of water on the brush. Really fun and different from my usual way, which is the fun part of this class its stretching my ideas and inspiration and techniques.

This is the smaller sketchbook and a bolder look that was also a lot of fun, i'm drawing with different sized pens and just having fun with it...

a drawing of avocados with a green pen and the other page is drawn with a tiny pen and really delicate

Even though i've been drawing or painted for about 17 years its so much fun to take a class and learn something new. a new way to look at something you've done for a long time. So i'm really glad Mary Ann put this class together. I've only done a few online courses but each time I always learn so much :)


  1. I am loving your new lettering!! Very very much..and painting outside the lines..
    This looks like a great class..
    And by the way..Bonica is one of my favorite roses here:)
    I love the pages with your palette to the side♥
    I love tomatoes and mayo on bread!Yours are lovely~:)

  2. Jenni - each page is awesome. I love your field guide and your lettering is beautiful. I have been trying my hand at calligraphy - so looks like we both are into that type of art. Looks and sounds like you are really learning something and enjoying it. Hope your week-end is blessed my friend.

  3. All is very lovely! I'm so glad you're having fun with your class, I'm also having fun with my sketchbook this summer! I have started a new one in late May, and there are just a few blank pages left!
    Your pages are so you (with all of your signature colors) and very interesting. It's funny to see how everyone does their sketchbook (and sketches) differently!