Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some things i've been doing lately...

I bought a butterfly embroidery pattern from pam garrison, so that's fun and relaxing to do a few stitches at a time, i am such a fan of her doodles...

and then i've been adding some new flower drawings and alphabets to a little sketchbook...

trying to keep up with my project life album, adding photos and journal cards and other little bits from my days to my small album. and having an iced coffee with it makes it even more enjoyable...

and i also planted some pansies for the fall, a happy mix of colors, i love pansies so much.


  1. Love everything!
    I just knew stitching would be something you would enjoy..
    Love the lettering..your pansies and a glimpse at Starbucks:)

  2. Jenni - love your embroidery work...hope when you get it finished you will share. Your journals with the flowers are lovely. What a super idea with decorating the letters. So feminine and romantic. Now can I come have some ice coffee with you while I enjoy those beautiful pansies. Have a great day my friend.

  3. I'm a fan of anything pam g does! Your sketchiness are beautiful!