Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A journal page about my ancestry dna

This is a journal page that i created after doing an ancestry DNA test. I thought my whole life that i was mostly German with the last name Bomgardner and my mom's mom is German but i only had 6 % of that and i have 55 % Great Britain which came as such a wonderful surprise because now it makes sense my love of England and Scotland and everything British. That comes from my dads side and he just never really knew much about his ancestors or where he came from but my mom has done a lot of searching for us and found many interesting things. Its been a lot of fun and i wanted to do a journal page and share it here on my blog. I do believe it can be an important thing to know where we come from. A lot of families talk about it but some don't anymore, so its nice through technology to be able to find out.

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  1. How interesting..I have never heard of an Ancestry DNA.
    You suit Downtown Abbey..etc:-)
    All things pretty and English..