Wednesday, February 17, 2016

more from painting petals class...

the second and third week involved painting with watercolors, i'm adapting my style to the techniques i learned from her, so mine are a bit different from hers, and i am just having so much fun with it and filling up a sketchbook with flowers...

these are pieces of scrapbook paper used to paint a flower on each to be bound with a ring for our flower field guide which i thought was such a nice idea that she had, and then you have a reference for flowers to use in the bouquets.

these are the pages in the flower field guide

i'm having so much fun with this and i think i want to try painting some notecards next....
thanks for stopping by :)


  1. They are fabulous! Have you seen the artists transform paintings very similar to these into digital art that they sell on Etsy?You could do that!These are as lovely!
    I see you like watercolor paint sets too:)

  2. Oh Jenni - these cards are simply exquisite. Note cards would just be perfect for these beautiful flowers of yours. So glad you are having fun. Enjoy the day. Hugs!

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