Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art Journaling: Here and Now

Yesterday I ran across the sentence Here and Now in three different books, so I had to do some journaling about it. I can tell that it is something so important in my life right, well always really, but especially  now, and its the topic of a fascinating book that my therapist recommended me to read called Belonging Here by Judith Blackstone. It's a book that is helping me a lot right now, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to feel more grounded and secure in who they are...


  1. I love your take on the words:)

    And Look up..down..to the right and to the left..
    A friend taught me this in Europe:)
    I think it is very important to grasp today..while it may very well be the best of what is to come:)

    Have you read..


    It is a lovely book..:)

    I go back to it.. A friend offered it to me one day..
    And I agree when words are shown to you..quite often..we must make sense of them..in our own realm.

    1. Hi Monique,
      Thank You,
      I will definitely look for this book you recommended, I like reading things by Thich Nhat Hanh.

  2. I love your art journal layout Jenni... It would be wonderful if you would explain you process.. Or maybe even teach an online course!!!!

    1. Thank you Isabelle,
      I am working on the idea of an online art journal class, but it's just taking me awhile. :)

  3. Hi, Jenni -- I just ordered the book you mentioned above titled "Belonging Here" from Barnes & Noble. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the great information!

    1. Hi Krissy,
      I'm so glad you ordered the book, I hope it helps you. I don't think its a book that is very well known, but I feel it should be, its a book that is really good for creative people and anyone that feels a little scattered and uncentered. It also helps with any issues we may have from the past and our childhood. So I hope it helps you in whatever way you need it too!

  4. Dear Jenni - Living in the Here and Now is sometimes a challenge but a really good one to meet. Who doesn't struggle with doing this. I think it is just human nature to always be looking ahead and missing what is going on right now. Your book sounds like something I should read too. Thanks for sharing. Take care and hope the sun is shining on you today. Also thank you dear one for leaving such a kind comment on my blog.