Friday, July 12, 2013

My Summer To Do List

  1. farmers markets
  2. try a paint your own pottery place
  3. miniature golf  for fun
  4. yoga class on mondays
  5. daily check in on wisteria and sunshine
  6. embroider my pillowcase
  7. write in the coffeeshop on fridays
  8. read novels
  9. sunday morning nature walk
  10. eat a lot of fruit
  11. do a lot of art journaling  and
  12. in august take a pottery course


  1. I loved reading it first in your writing..didn't scroll to see ..just taking my time:)
    Have you read The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats?
    Something tells me it would pull at your heartstrings~I enjoyed it very much:)
    I think all ages would..well
    Such lovely pages..and such lovely things to do~

  2. Jenni - I so love your pages in your journal and your list sounds wonderful too. I have always wanted to do yoga. It is suppose to keep you flexible and also adds to a feeling of well being. Nature walks are always the best. Pottery class sounds like so much fun. Hope all your plans come to fruition. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you debbie, yes I am trying right now to find and do those things that relax me and refresh me, and I also wondered if the offer is still there for the hollyhock seeds, I'd like to see if I can grow them in pots. I could give it a try and yours are a beautiful color. I will email you with my address :)

  3. Hi , I am a. New /old fan ofyou and I will tell you That I love your pages very much .
    Love them more than the pages of Pam , Yours are so tomantic.
    My English isbad, i'll never learn it😍
    Rini from the Netherlands