Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall craft projects

This week I worked on a couple of fall craft projects inspired by other blogs, like these little mushrooms made out of acorns found here and a felt leaf garland from Pam Garrisons blog that was a lot of fun, mine is smaller than hers so it really didn't take very long. She also has another version of a fall garland found here, so I might try that one too. I love making crafts at this time of year, it must be something about the cooler days, it's just very relaxing.


  1. Those little sh rooms are so cute..the garland also:-)
    Love having busy fingers too..

  2. So very cute and sweet! Love them!!

  3. So cute Jenni! I have painted rocks and put magnets on them for the refrigerator, never thought of the acorn for painting. Great idea as I see lots of them falling by the pools I clean. Keep up the great work! Luv ya. Aunt Cathy :0)

    1. Thank you Cathy, oh I love painting rocks too :) Yes it's fun to search for the acorns and then paint them red and use the back end of a paintbrush for the dots.
      Love you too,

  4. Now those (acorns) mushrooms are so dear my friend. Garland looks wonderful strung along your shelf too. It is a lovely time of the year to pick up something crafty to work on. Bless you for sharing. Take care.