Friday, November 1, 2013

on my desk right now...

I just bought a set of three moleskine notebooks and I painted the front of one with roses and will use it for notes, lists, and ideas and it's sitting on top of my new Russell and Hazel binder that just arrived from amazon. I am a little obsessed with binders and notebooks and organizers and I love looking at how other people set up there binders and that is how I found out about this one, which I really love. It's thin and covered in light blue linen and I can't wait to organize it and use it.


  1. How fun:-) new books to play with..:-)

  2. Jenni, I just bought one of those little journals, never thought to paint something on the cover. Thanks for the great idea. Love your roses. Luv ya! :0)

  3. Jenni - love the roses on your cover. Can't imagine you not having some of those lovely roses in each of these sketchbooks. How fun - wish I could come watch you play! Have a lovely day.