Wednesday, November 20, 2013

more art journaling...

in what I like to think of as my big girl coloring book, a place to doodle and write and draw and just have fun. I tend to loose track of time when I'm playing in this journal. I like searching for quotes to add in as well.


  1. Jenni - so beautiful my friend. I particularly loved the quote about being normal. What is normal? I don't think I am. (LOL) - Have a great day dear and thanks so much for sharing. I always love seeing your journal pages.

  2. How I like "Your big girl coloring book"!:)

    It's beautiful..
    Full of thoughts..ideas..reflections..insights..gentleness...
    I agree with Debbie..what is normal? We are all so different and all a wee bit abnormal in our normalcy:)
    I know I am!

  3. jenni, looking at your art journal is pure delight! it's very inspiring and pretty, pretty, pretty. did i mention pretty? ;)