Friday, June 28, 2013

craft project-painted cottages

This is a little project I did using leftover cardboard from the back of watercolor paper pads.  I cut out the basic shape of a house with an exacto knife and then I add a paper door and scalloped paper trim to the roof. I paint them with climbing roses and other little details and then add a ribbon hanger by gluing the ribbon to the back and gluing a little piece of paper over the ribbon to hide the glue and add extra support. Then I poke little holes in the bottom for decorative beads to hang.

The one on the left is a garden shed, the one on the right is a flower shop.

Here are some of the supplies I used and a before shot of the various parts of the cottage.
They are a lot of fun and can be hung in any little nook and crannie for added fun and color...


  1. They are so cute !
    I bet they would make very cute Christmas ornaments also.
    It is wonderfful this craft of yours as they can be personalized..I love climbing roses..The possibilities are endless:)

    Did I tell you about those cute Kana Kolpen books I just discovered? I love the one I bought and have ben mentioning them..too much I think..but they are right up your alley..hope I am not repeating myself:) I bought the Pistoulet one..and have another of hers on order from a reseller..
    In seeing these creations..had to tell you:)

    1. Thank you! its funny that you say they would make cute christmas ornaments because I like to make special ones at christmas that look like decorated cottages :)

      My dad bought my mom the Pistoulet book! and they are such unique beautiful books I love them :)

  2. Dear Jenni - these are adorable. What a great idea and just using the backs of the watercolor tablets makes recycling a pleasure...may have to borrow this idea for one of my corners. Have a great week-end.

    1. Hi Debbie
      Thank you, I hope you do make one they are so much fun to peronalize to your own style and they can be addictive to make since the supplies are simple once the house shape is cut out.
      Have a happy weekend