Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nature Sketching

These are a couple of recent sketchbook pages, a few flowers I picked to put in a small vase for Fathers Day, and some wildflowers from my Sunday morning walk.

I love drawing wildflowers, I think there is more to them than most people think, and I love all the little details of them when you really take the time to look...


  1. :) every way.
    I wonder what happens to all the leftovers after the mark downs..I see them suffering at Home Depots etc..they are in dire need of care..Yours were lucky you found them.

  2. I love flowers too, Jenni! I've got a whole garden full of the most wonderful flowers...and I adore to see the wild daisies, poppies, lupins, and buttercups in the fields around my home. Lovely pages as always! :) Gwyn

  3. Jenni - what beautiful pages. They look so lovely- aren't wildflowers the best?