Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Journaling and yoga food

This is a really large journal I made, inspired by the journaling of Pam Garrison and Mary Ann Moss so I do more with paint and markers in this journal and some added collage...
This is a current page in my collage journal, its a prompt about where you can find refuge and peace, and for me it's in Nature and especially the woods, a garden or the ocean.
The focal point is an image from Yoga Journal magazine of a young woman walking in the woods.

I took my first yoga class the other day. I've practiced at home for years but was nervous about joining a class and of course it was so enjoyable and I learned the proper way to breathe which is so important.

    I also have a book from the library called Yoga Food which has lots of wonderful recipes including this cabbage salad with a simple dressing. I added cranberries and apple slivers to it . It makes me feel good when I eat this kind of food.


  1. I found you via Monique's blog.
    Just love this post about your journal...how inspiring...I'm at that place right now needing a little secret space for refuge!
    So you really don't know just how special this post is...
    when I have more time I will visit somemore of your great posts...
    Thank you for sharing this one!
    I am following you!

    1. Thank you for following my blog! I'm so happy that you connected with this post. Life can be very stressful and it's important to find our own peaceful places. :)

  2. Hi Jenni..and Shel:)
    I journaled and painted also this week..and I find that very relaxing also.
    I loved my yoga classes..the room was dark compared to bright rooms..not too dark..restful dark..when you know no one is looking etc..you're almost on your own but not..
    Had to give it up but still enjoy gentle yoga..on my own..these days it's more gardening than anything else though:)
    Lobe these pages..your girl is a beauty.
    I just bought new markers too:)
    I noticed Artist Lof....I think the quality is so good..I bought their waterccolors for my grandson..great value..at Michael's also.
    I think I saw your post about the mcGill rose garden..Lovely!

    1. Hi Shel,
      I love this comment you wrote. Yes art journaling is also a place of refuge and nature, and especially our own gardens, and you have such a beautiful garden!
      The artists lof brand is really good and such a great price for it all :)
      Have a great day,

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